Qualified Epoxy Flooring Leads, Website, and CRM Portal All In One Place...

Are you ready to expand and take on more epoxy flooring jobs?

  • Start getting daily leads to call and follow up on

  • Get a CRM (with quick easy training) to manage all these new leads

  • I only work with one company per city (can't compete with myself)

Does this sound like you?

Problem #1

I can't always be worried about how I'm gonna find my next job, I'm busy with the jobs I already have and everything else going on in my life. I just want a consistent reliable flow of jobs to do every month.

Problem #2

I'm sick of paying $80 for a lead on Angies list, only for it to fall through half of the time. What's the point of paying for low quality leads on aggregator sites if more than half the time it doesn't even turn into a job?

Problem #3

I don't have trouble getting leads, but I wouldn't mind paying less for them. Furthermore, I can't seem to manage all the leads I do get. I'm missing phone calls and leads are slipping through the cracks because I don't have a system to keep everything organized.

About Me

Before this, I ran a marketing agency for restaurants, but after I heard about the problems flooring contractors were facing, I thought someone should solve it for them.

My partners brother was my first client, as he was and still is an epoxy flooring contractor. I ran ads on Facebook, made a professional website, did SEO getting it to rank #1 in his local area, and gave him a CRM to manage everything. With all that, Andre started getting more jobs than he ever had before, and is starting to hire sub-contractors to help with the work load.

Since then, I've formed a team to provide the same service I provided Andre, to other flooring businesses and contractors across America!

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This is the only digital service made specifically for epoxy flooring contractors with their interests mind.

Other agencies do lead generation for all sorts of home + commercial services, although we only do it for epoxy flooring businesses. Furthermore, we give you the tools necessary to make sure all these leads don't fall through the cracks with our white-labeled CRM software.

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